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Why Am I Struggling Spiritually?

In John 9, the disciples wanted to debate with Jesus about the source of a man’s blindness—when Jesus saw him much differently. Not as an issue to discuss, but as a person to help.

Why do some Christians see everything so differently? Possibly they have become consumers of spiritual content vs. disciples who are not only learning and growing, but most importantly, investing in others. Nothing will amplify your insight into what God’s doing like involvement. People on the sidelines don’t see it the same way that people who are involved see it. If you’re stagnant or struggling in your faith just now, maybe you’ve stopped actively serving. It’s a common heart ailment that often goes undiagnosed.

One of our earliest and most faithful leaders throughout the years taught us this diagram. I think it comes originally from the Navigators, but I’m not sure. Either way, I know this: roll-up-your-sleeves-involvement opens your eyes to see God working. True followers of Jesus aren’t just consuming spiritual content, they are serving the kingdom by helping to get God’s truth to others in a personal, practical way.

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FG_AUTHORS: James MacDonald

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